AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-17Updated: PKGBUILDGoliathLabs
2020-05-17Updated: 4.19.123GoliathLabs
2018-12-01update to 4.19.4-1Pieter Lenaerts
2018-12-01Put correct config file in srcesPieter Lenaerts
2018-12-01updated to 4.19.2-arch1-1Pieter Lenaerts
2018-10-21Update to 4.18.14-arch1-1Pieter Lenaerts
2018-10-21Corrected checksum for configPieter Lenaerts
2018-09-30update to 4.18.10.arch1-1Pieter Lenaerts
2018-09-30update to 4.18.9-1 - using new arch kernel pkgbuildPieter Lenaerts
2018-07-30update to 4.17.10-1Pieter Lenaerts
2018-07-01upd to 4.17.3-1Pieter Lenaerts
2018-06-10update to 4.16.13-1Pieter Lenaerts
2018-05-26update to 4.16.11-1Pieter Lenaerts
2018-05-20Update to 4.16.9-1Pieter Lenaerts
2018-05-15Updated to 4.16.8-1Pieter Lenaerts
2018-04-23upd to 4.16.3Pieter Lenaerts
2018-04-11update to 4.15.15-1Pieter Lenaerts
2018-02-13update to 4.15.2-1Pieter Lenaerts
2018-01-28Update to 4.14.15Pieter Lenaerts
2018-01-25updated pkgsum for config filePieter Lenaerts
2018-01-24updated to 4.14.14Pieter Lenaerts
2018-01-19updated to 4.14.13Pieter Lenaerts
2018-01-07updated to 4.14.12Pieter Lenaerts
2018-01-07Kernel version to 4.14.9 including std arch patches. Applying patchesPieter Lenaerts
2016-04-27Update kernel to 4.5.1Pyromaniac
2016-04-16Update to kernel 4.5Pyromaniac
2016-04-10Add elan touchpad fixPyromaniac
2016-04-10Initial commitPyromaniac