AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-12gstreamer and fluidsynth added as depsM0Rf30
2016-08-08Removed last garbage of ffmpeg patchLeonard de Ruijter
2016-07-26Deleted the ffmpeg fix as that should be no longer neededLeonard de Ruijter
2016-07-04Add ocaml-ssl as dependencyLeonard de Ruijter
2016-07-02Update to version 1.2.1Leonard de Ruijter
2016-03-26Try to work arround ffmpeg issue by using newer ocaml-ffmpeg codeLeonard de Ruijter
2016-03-22Version bumpLeonard de Ruijter
2016-03-22Changed ffmpeg dependency to ffmpeg2.8, hopefully fixing compilation issueLeonard de Ruijter
2016-01-13Update to 1.2.0Leonard de Ruijter
2015-06-23Update maintainer contact infoLeonard de Ruijter
2015-06-09Initial commitLeonard de Ruijter