AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-02Updated to 1.10.1, updated packaging.Andrej Radović
2023-12-25Updated to 1.10.0Andrej Radović
2022-09-13Updated to v1.9.0Andrej Radovic
2022-04-07Updated to v1.8.0Andrej Radovic
2022-02-11Updated to 1.7.0Andrej Radovic
2021-04-09Updated to v1.6.0Andrej Radovic
2021-01-02Updated to v1.5.0Andrej Radovic
2020-05-23Updated to 1.3.2Andrej Radovic
2019-11-17Updated to 1.2.0Andrej Radovic
2019-08-13Updated to version 1.1.0Andrej Radovic
2019-01-06Updated to v1.0.0Andrej Radovic
2018-12-20Genericized pkgname in package()Andrej Radovic
2018-12-20Changed mkdir + cp to install -DAndrej Radovic
2018-12-20Initial commit.Andrej Radovic