AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-02-02rename packageFélix Piédallu
2019-02-02push to trunk, fix buildFélix Piédallu
2017-08-18oops, bad patch (spaces vs tabs). mute pushd.Félix Piédallu
2017-08-18refactoring pkgbuild ; use patch file ; fix ref()Félix Piédallu
2017-08-18oops, push pkgrelFélix Piédallu
2017-08-18cleanup files ; remove install file as glib-compile-schema is now a pacman hookFélix Piédallu
2016-10-10fix dependencies, python3, old API, archFélix Piédallu
2016-02-22pushed to 0.5.0 !Félix Piédallu
2016-01-03added missing dependenciesFélix Piédallu
2015-11-22the good dependencyFélix Piédallu
2015-10-22added missing python-* dependenciesFélix Piédallu
2015-08-16Initial AUR Archive commit of 'livewallpaper'AUR Archive Bot
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