AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
14 daysupgpkg: llvm-amdgpu 4.2.0-3Torsten Keßler
Change URL of patch file
2021-06-06[llvm-amdgpu] fix compatibility with GCC 11 (#608)Jakub Klinkovský
fixes #606
2021-05-12upgpkg: llvm-amdgpu 4.2.0-1Torsten Keßler
upstream release new release
2021-03-24upgpkg: llvm-amdgpu 4.1.0-1Torsten Keßler
upstream release New release
2021-02-07upgpkg: llvm-amdgpu 4.0.1-2Torsten Keßler
Add static versions of the sanitizer libraries
2021-02-04upgpkg: llvm-amdgpu 4.0.1-1Torsten Keßler
upstream release Revert changes related to tensorflow
2021-02-03[llvm-amdgpu] Fix quotes (#574)JP-Ellis
In previous commit, quickly fixed a hard-coded Python 3.9 version to automatically detect it; except I forgot to changes the string to use double quotes.
2021-02-02Fix tensorflow include (#573)JP-Ellis
* Fix tensorflow include When tensorflow is installed, the CMake script tries to locates `/usr/lib/`, and if found enables some additional components of LLVM. Unfortunately, it assumes that the Tensorflow headers are located in `/usr/include`, but they are in fact installed in `/usr/include/tensorflow`. * Detect python version
2021-01-27upgpkg: llvm-amdgpu 4.0.1-1Torsten Keßler
upstream release New release
2020-12-19[llvm-amdgpu] Update to 4.0.0Torsten Keßler
2020-12-19[llvm-amdgpu] Update to 4.0.0Torsten Keßler
2020-12-03[llvm-amdgpu] Update to 3.10.0Torsten Keßler
2020-11-02[llvm-amdgpu] remove checksacxz
2020-11-01[llvm-amdgpu] Update to 3.9.0Torsten Keßler
2020-09-23[llvm-amdgpu] updpkg 3.8.0acxz
2020-08-22[llvm-amdgpu] Update to 3.7.0 (#368)Torsten Keßler
2020-06-20upgpkg: llvm-amdgpu 3.5.1-1Ranieri Althoff
upstream release
2020-06-14upgpkg: llvm-amdgpu 3.5.0-2rigred
Fixes #197 Build most set Release build to avoid Default Debug build
2020-06-04[llvm-amdgpu] Update to 3.5.0 (#184)Torsten Keßler
2020-04-27llvm-amdgpu: remove DYLIB compilationSamuel Bernard
Needed to avoid the following error with pytorch: ': CommandLine Error: Option 'disable-symbolication' registered more than once! LLVM ERROR: inconsistency in registered CommandLine options'
2020-04-25add llvm-amdgpuacxz