AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysadd patch for loudgain 0.6.8blubbblubb
2024-02-19fix for taglib1 from extra repositoryblubbblubb
2024-02-13conflict with taglib<2blubbblubb
2024-02-10quickfix for taglib version 1blubbblubb
2023-03-16add patch for mp4/asfblubbblubb
2022-04-11add patch for ffmpeg5blubbblubb
2020-11-08bump pkgrelblubbblubb
2020-11-08include pkg name in source filesblubbblubb
2019-09-08update to v0.6.8: adds support for Monkey's Audio (APE), the upcoming MusicBr...blubbblubb
2019-09-04update to v0.6.7: adds support for AIFFblubbblubb
2019-09-03update to v0.6.6: adds support for WAV, Ogg Vorbis, Ogg FLAC, Speex, Opus and...blubbblubb
2019-09-02update to v0.6.3: added .asf/.wma supportblubbblubb
2019-08-25update to v0.6.2: Fix Opus album gain calculationblubbblubb
2019-08-18update to v0.6.1: MacOS fixes, show information for wav files, rework for new...blubbblubb
2019-08-06update to v0.5.3: adds (experimental) Opus supportblubbblubb
2019-08-05update to v0.5.2blubbblubb
2019-08-04update to v0.5.1blubbblubb
2019-08-02update to v0.5.0blubbblubb
2019-07-31first commitblubbblubb