AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-28Update license urlsL1pKn07
2019-04-28Drop i686sL1pKn07
2018-03-18split pkgbuild: lsi-msm & lsi-msm-snmpsL1pKn07
2017-09-05Split package for separate libopenpegasus in other package (for use with othe...sL1pKn07
2017-07-19Update to 17.05.00-02sL1pKn07
2017-02-19Fix http dlagentsL1pKn07
2017-02-04Update to
2016-11-20Update to Alvarez
2016-04-15update to Alvarez
2016-01-24fix lsi-msm.installGustavo Alvarez
2016-01-16OpenPegasus site don't like wget/curl. switch to use lynx (use a lynx script ...Gustavo Alvarez
2016-01-11typoGustavo Alvarez
2016-01-11Update to Alvarez
2015-12-11gcc (abi) rebuildsl1pkn07
2015-07-28update urlsl1pkn07
2015-07-28update linkssl1pkn07
2015-07-18Update to
2015-06-14Tweak the .install filesl1pkn07
2015-06-13Update to pegasus-tog 2.14.1 (with some fedora patches to build with GCC 5.x)...sl1pkn07
2015-06-08Initial commitsl1pkn07