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2021-10-30Merge pull request #21 from mfakane/agent/v0.69.1MF Akane
Bump to v0.69.1
2021-10-13Merge pull request #18 from mfakane/agent/v0.69.0MF Akane
Bump to v0.69.0
2021-09-09Merge pull request #16 from mfakane/agent/v0.68.0MF Akane
Bump to v0.68.0
2021-08-08Merge pull request #15 from mfakane/agent/v0.67.1MF Akane
Bump to v0.67.1
2021-07-20Merge pull request #13 from mfakane/agent/v0.66.0MF Akane
Bump to v0.66.0
2021-07-08Merge pull request #8 from mfakane/agent/v0.39.5MF Akane
Bump to v0.39.5
2021-06-03Merge pull request #5 from mfakane/agent/v0.64.1MF Akane
Bump to v0.64.1
2021-05-07Publish to AURMF Akane
2020-01-210.59.0MF Akane
2019-09-24Fix build failureMF Akane
2019-09-160.58.0MF Akane
2019-05-050.55.1MF Akane
2018-10-200.52.0MF Akane
2018-09-270.51.1MF Akane
2018-06-210.50.0MF Akane
2018-05-250.49.0MF Akane
2017-04-21Initial importMF Akane