AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-30Removed python-ipaddress from dependancies.Storm Dragon
2019-02-16Magic-wormhole is no longer a split package. It never worked right anyway.Storm Dragon
2018-12-10Fixed error in cd for python2 version.Storm Dragon
2018-11-24Updated version.Storm Dragon
2018-11-14added provides.Storm Dragon
2018-11-13Update to 0.11.1Storm Dragon
2018-11-03Now a split package providing python2 and 3 packages.Storm Dragon
2018-10-28Updated to 0.11.0Storm Dragon
2018-08-14Bumped pkgrel for python rebuild.Storm Dragon
2018-02-26New version.Storm Dragon
2018-01-30New version.Storm Dragon
2018-01-22Latest versin, 0.10.3Storm Dragon
2017-07-06New version.Storm Dragon
2017-06-29Updated the source url.Storm Dragon
2017-06-28Now using the new python-txtorcon package.Storm Dragon
2017-06-27Updated dependancies.Storm Dragon
2017-06-25Latest version, 0.10.0Storm Dragon
2017-05-05Added conflicts and provides variables.Storm Dragon
2017-01-23Added python-ipaddress dependancy.Storm Dragon
2017-01-23New version.Storm Dragon
2017-01-05Forgot to update the md5sums.Storm Dragon
2017-01-05Vers 0.9.1Storm Dragon
2016-10-28Updated dependancies.Storm Dragon
2016-08-10Initial commitStorm