AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-07-08Update to 1.16.4Marcel Korpel
2021-03-19Update to 1.16.3Marcel Korpel
2021-03-06Update to 1.16.1Marcel Korpel
2021-02-28Update to 1.16.0Marcel Korpel
2020-12-31Change source URLMarcel Korpel
2020-12-14Update to 1.15.4Marcel Korpel
2020-10-02Update to 1.15.3Marcel Korpel
2020-07-28Possibly prevent compilation errorMarcel Korpel
2020-07-22Update to 1.15.2Marcel Korpel
2020-04-16Update to 1.15.1Olaf Bauer
2020-03-04Update to 1.15.0Olaf Bauer
2019-12-05Update to 1.14.7Olaf Bauer
2019-12-02Update to 1.14.6Olaf Bauer
2019-09-05Update to 1.14.5Olaf Bauer
2019-06-07Update to 1.14.4Olaf Bauer
2019-03-12Update to 1.14.3Olaf Bauer
2019-01-09add ccextractor as an optional dependencyOlaf Bauer
2018-12-02Update to 1.14.2Olaf Bauer
2018-11-09Update to 1.14.1Olaf Bauer
2018-11-06Update to 1.14.0Olaf Bauer
2018-07-25 Update to 1.12.3Olaf Bauer
2018-05-16Patch for compatibility with ffmpeg4Olaf Bauer
2018-04-28Update to 1.12.2Olaf Bauer
2018-04-27Update to 1.12.1Olaf Bauer
2018-02-24added sg module requirement noticeOlaf Bauer
2018-02-04Update to 1.12.0Olaf Bauer
2018-01-19Update to 1.10.10Olaf Bauer
2018-01-10Update to 1.10.9Olaf Bauer
2017-11-18Update to 1.10.8Olaf Bauer
2017-09-04Update to 1.10.7Olaf Bauer
2017-05-28Update to 1.10.6Olaf Bauer
2017-03-26Update to 1.10.5Olaf Bauer
2016-12-25Update to 1.10.4Olaf Bauer
2016-12-17Set CC and CXX to gcc and g++Olaf Bauer
2016-12-11Update to 1.10.3Olaf Bauer
2016-09-23Update to 1.10.2Olaf Bauer
2016-08-10Update to 1.10.1Olaf Bauer
2016-07-15Update to 1.10.0Olaf Bauer
2016-06-25remove install command provided by hooksOlaf Bauer
2016-06-20handle spaces in $pkgdirOlaf Bauer
2016-04-16Update to 1.9.10Olaf Bauer
2016-01-17Update to 1.9.9Olaf Bauer
2015-12-20Update to 1.9.8Olaf Bauer
2015-10-04Update to 1.9.7Olaf Bauer
2015-09-26Update to 1.9.6Olaf Bauer
2015-07-28Update to 1.9.5Olaf Bauer
2015-06-13Update to 1.9.4Olaf Bauer
2015-06-09Initial importOlaf Bauer