AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-12Added new contributor.Michael Herzberg
2019-01-17Fix cmake error when building on non-english systems.Michael Herzberg
2019-01-13Still provide libmariadbclient.Michael Herzberg
2019-01-13Disable networking by default and other, small changes.Michael Herzberg
2019-01-13Ported over some changes from the official Arch Linux package, mostMichael Herzberg
2019-01-12Updated to 10.3.12.Michael Herzberg
2019-01-12Updated to 10.3.11.Michael Herzberg
2018-10-09Updated to 10.3.10.Michael Herzberg
2018-09-12Temporary fix for CONC-359.Michael Herzberg
2018-08-23Updated to 10.3.9.Michael Herzberg
2018-07-14Initial commit for version 10.3.8.Michael Herzberg