AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-03-17Fixed incorrect sha1sum for main packagePatrick Goetz
2021-03-165.7.40 updated with edited net.code-industry.masterpdfeditor5.desktop filePatrick Goetz
2021-03-16Updated to version 5.7.40Patrick Goetz
2021-03-13Added corrected reference to desktop filePatrick Goetz
2021-03-12Updated to add masterpdfeditor5.desktop filePatrick Goetz
2021-03-12Upgraded to version 5.7.31Patrick Goetz
2021-02-04Updated to version 5.7.20Patrick Goetz
2021-01-27Update to version 5.7.10Patrick Goetz
2021-01-20Update from 5.7.00 to 5.7.08Patrick Goetz
2021-01-18re-cloned git repo to fix previous errorsPatrick Goetz
2021-01-18Update masterpdfeditor to version 5.7.00Patrick Goetz
2020-11-25Updated to version 5.6.80 and added now missing masterpdfeditor5.desktop filePatrick Goetz
2020-09-16Updated to version 5.6.49Patrick Goetz
2020-08-19New version of masterpdfeditor: 5.6.42Patrick Goetz
2020-07-31Update to 5.6.29 version of masterpdfeditorPatrick Goetz
2020-07-12Forgot to update .SRCINFO in the last commitPatrick Goetz
2020-07-12Added back patchelf make dependency in order to remove incorrect built in RPATHPatrick Goetz
2020-07-12New version of masterpdfeditor which works with default Arch Qt5 libs againPatrick Goetz
2019-07-10Upstream update to 5.4.38Doug Newgard
2019-07-02Upstream update to 5.4.33Doug Newgard
2019-06-22Upstream update to 5.4.30Doug Newgard
2019-06-12Upstream update to 5.4.20Doug Newgard
2019-04-30Upstream update to 5.4.10Doug Newgard
2019-04-15Upstream update to 5.4.04Doug Newgard
2019-03-16Upstream update to 5.3.22Doug Newgard
2019-03-06Upstream update to 5.3.20Doug Newgard
2019-02-20Upstream update to 5.3.16Doug Newgard
2019-02-20Upstream update to 5.3.12Doug Newgard
2019-02-01Upstream update to 5.3.02Doug Newgard
2019-01-25Upstream update to 5.3.00Doug Newgard
2018-12-18Upstream update to 5.2.20Doug Newgard
2018-12-05Upstream update to 5.2.11Doug Newgard
2018-12-04Upstream update to 5.2.08Doug Newgard
2018-11-22Upstream update to 5.2.00Doug Newgard
2018-10-22Upstream update to 5.1.68Doug Newgard
2018-10-07Upstream update to 5.1.60Doug Newgard
2018-09-17Upstream update to 5.1.42Doug Newgard
2018-08-27Upstream update to 5.1.36Doug Newgard
2018-08-23Upstream update to 5.1.30Doug Newgard
2018-08-09Upstream update to 5.1.12Doug Newgard
2018-08-05Upstream update to 5.1.00Doug Newgard
2018-07-10Upstream update to 5.0.36Doug Newgard
2018-07-03Upstream update to 5.0.32Doug Newgard
2018-06-29Upstream update to 5.0.30Doug Newgard
2018-06-24Upstream update to 5.0.28Doug Newgard
2018-06-19Upstream update to 5.0.25Doug Newgard
2018-06-11Upstream update to 5.0.23Doug Newgard
2018-05-29Upstream update to 5.0.15Doug Newgard
2018-05-28Upstream update to 5.0.12Doug Newgard
2018-05-26Bump to 5.0.08Doug Newgard