AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-07Updated to 1.12.0Aditya Naik
2019-06-29Updated to 1.9.0-1William J. Bowman
2018-05-03Updated to 1.7.0-1William J. Bowman
2018-04-13Updated to 1.6.4-3William J. Bowman
2018-04-12Updated to 1.6.4-2; workaround for issue with coq_makefileWilliam J. Bowman
2018-01-07Updated to 1.6.4-1William J. Bowman
2017-02-14Updated to 1.6.1-4William J. Bowman
2017-02-08Updated to 1.6.1-3William J. Bowman
2017-02-08Updated to 1.6.1-2William J. Bowman
2017-01-07Updated to 1.6.1-1William J. Bowman
2015-07-07Updated to 1.5-2William J. Bowman
2015-07-07Initial importWilliam J. Bowman