AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2016-10-24Some additions to favorite applications launchersalive4ever
Added gnome-terminal, nautilus, chromium, and firefox on the favorite applications launcher.
2016-10-20Upstream version bumpalive4ever
Bump latest upstream commit.
2016-10-16Fix building with weston 1.12alive4ever
Weston 1.12 intoduces some changes to the source directory layout. This fixes building with weston 1.12
2016-08-23Added LICENSE filealive4ever
2016-08-23Remove checkinstall function from maynard launch scriptalive4ever
checkinstall() contains reference to build directory (ABS_BUILD). I think it's safe to remove it since makepkg doesn't forget to `make install` the package. Removing this function silences makepkg warning about reference to PKGBUILD.
2016-08-22Added gnome-menus as runtime dependencyalive4ever
2016-08-22Fix dependency issue on clean chrootalive4ever
Since the first commit was done on my host system which has many packages installed, I didn't include anything except weston as runtime dependency. I've patched maynard script to reflect better compile time definition. I've also set default wallpaper to weston background instead of missing file.
2016-08-21Initial commitalive4ever
Maynard is a new project to provide lightweight desktop shell based on weston compositor for use with wayland display protocol. It's built for Raspberry Pi, but it's portable so you can compile it anywhere. Expect many bugs and crashes, so beware when you are using this desktop shell to work with important files.