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2020-09-10wow i did it to like every repo i haveCranky Supertoon
2020-09-10Still Package if Desktop File Still ExistsCranky Supertoon
2020-09-09Reorganize PackageCranky Supertoon
2020-09-09Rebase mcedit package to mcedit-unified. Reuse old mcedit package for mcedit2Cranky Supertoon
2017-04-29Updated to Nick Reimer
2016-06-20updated to version fixed srcinfonic96
2016-06-20updated to version
2016-02-09updated PKGBUILD to
2016-01-03updated to Reimer
2015-12-25added optdepends python2-leveldb_mcpeJeromy Reimer
2015-12-24updated to Reimer
2015-08-23initial commitJeromy Reimer