AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-16Update source infoLuke Short
2023-03-16Update to SteamOS 3.4.6Luke Short
2022-08-09Update to SteamOS 3.3Luke Short
2022-06-12Avoid using 'replaces'Luke Short
2022-04-20Do not depend on 'clang-libs'Luke Short
2022-03-31Add conflictsLuke Short
2022-03-31List all 'provides'Luke Short
2022-03-31Suffix packages with '-steamos'Luke Short
2022-03-31Ignore build artifactsLuke Short
2022-03-31Enable AMD RADV driverLuke Short
2022-03-31Enable the Gallium XA driverLuke Short
2022-03-31Enable DRI driversLuke Short
2022-03-31Enable all Gallium driversLuke Short
2022-03-31Use the 'steamos-jupiter-mesa' repoLuke Short
2022-03-31Rename the packageLuke Short
2022-03-31Add myself as a maintainerLuke Short
2022-03-31Initial commitLuke Short