AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-01-19Update to version 4425Jeremy Audet
2020-01-12Update to version 4406Jeremy Audet
2019-12-29Update to version 4398Jeremy Audet
2019-12-15Update to version 4396Jeremy Audet
2019-12-09Update to version 4386Jeremy Audet
2019-12-01Update to version 4380Jeremy Audet
2019-11-24Update to version 4373Jeremy Audet
2019-11-17Update to version 4372Jeremy Audet
2019-11-12Update to version 4363Jeremy Audet
2019-11-03Update to version 4339Jeremy Audet
2019-10-27Update to version 4323Jeremy Audet
2019-10-13Update to version 4299Jeremy Audet
2019-10-06Update to version 4295Jeremy Audet
2019-09-22Update to version 4290Jeremy Audet
2019-08-25Update to version 4289Jeremy Audet
2019-08-04Update to version 4288Jeremy Audet
2019-06-09Update to version 4287Jeremy Audet
2019-05-28Fix typo in .gitignoreJeremy Audet
2019-04-21update to version 4286Jeremy Audet
2019-04-14Update to version 4285Jeremy Audet
2019-03-31Update to version 4284Jeremy Audet
2019-03-12Update to version 4283Jeremy Audet
2019-03-07Update to version 4282Jeremy Audet
2019-02-17Update to version 4278Jeremy Audet
2019-02-11Update to version 4270Jeremy Audet
2019-01-13Update to version r4262Jeremy Audet
2019-01-10Add .gitignore fileJeremy Audet
This change has no effect on the package itself, and only makes package maintenance easier.
2019-01-10Version 4261; fix versioning schemeJeremy Audet
Update to version 4261. Fix the versioning scheme, so that version numbers are no longer preceded by the character "r". Had this change not been made, this package would be version r4261.
2019-01-01Update to version r4260Jeremy Audet
2018-12-15Update to version r4259Jeremy Audet
2018-12-10Update to version r4257Jeremy Audet
2018-11-18Update to version r4255Jeremy Audet
2018-11-10Update to version r4248Jeremy Audet
2018-10-22Update to vesrion r4245Jeremy Audet
2018-09-29Update to version r4244Jeremy Audet
2018-09-23Update to version r4243Jeremy Audet
2018-09-02Update to version r4240Jeremy Audet
2018-08-19Update to version r4223Jeremy Audet
2018-08-12Update to version r4222Jeremy Audet
2018-08-05Update mkgmap to version r4216Jeremy Audet
2018-07-29Update to version r4214Jeremy Audet
2018-07-22Update to version r4207Jeremy Audet
2018-07-15Update to version r4195Jeremy Audet
2018-06-03Update to version r4193Jeremy Audet
2018-05-28Update to version r4192Jeremy Audet
2018-05-19Update to version r4191Jeremy Audet
2018-05-12Update to version r4186Jeremy Audet
2018-05-01Update to version r4183Jeremy Audet
2018-04-21Update to version r4170Jeremy Audet
2018-04-15Update to version r4160Jeremy Audet