AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-11-13upgpkg: mkinitcpio-wireguard 0.4.1-1David Harrigan
upstream release
2019-11-13Merge pull request #2 from undiabler/masterDavid Harrigan
Minor bugfixes
2019-11-13increment minor versionundiabler
2019-11-12fix bash mistake, make conf files not so openundiabler
2019-10-23feat: Add in route based upon ALLOWED_IPSDavid Harrigan
upgpkg: mkinitcpio-wireguard 0.4.0-1 upstream release
2019-10-22upgpkg: mkinitcpio-wireguard 0.3.0-1David Harrigan
upstream release
2019-10-22feat: use a subdirectory for configurationDavid Harrigan
Instead of pulling in the entire `/etc/wireguard` directory, use a subdirectory, namely `/etc/wireguard/initcpio` to store the configuration. upgpkg: mkinitcpio-wireguard 0.2.0-1 upstream release
2019-10-22addpkg: mkinitcpio-wireguard 0.1.0-1David Harrigan
Initial Commit