AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-09-21Bump to 1.9.0Narrat
Just a bump. Didn't check if it's working or not
2017-09-21Updated upstream url and download urlNarrat
Former wasn't working because of missing http:// and the latter is now required since pypi changed some stuff
2015-08-24yet more depsraininja
2015-08-24minor edits to patchraininja
2015-08-24sha sum array correctionraininja
2015-08-24patched for python2 specificityraininja
2015-08-23optdepends of vexraininja
2015-08-23more depsraininja
2015-08-23update depsraininja
2015-08-23shebangs and patchingraininja
2015-08-23initial commitraininja