AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-02provide libmonero-wallet with versionredfish
2019-03-02update to
2019-01-19remove suffix from versonredfish
2019-01-19add feature flag for trezor deviceredfish
2018-11-18update to
2018-09-29update to
2018-08-12equalize cmake flags between build and checkredfish
2018-08-07merge PR that fixes test failureredfish
2018-08-07merge pull requests that fix #4228 and miniupnp installationredfish
2018-07-21update to
2018-04-28bump to
2018-03-10PR 3121 has been mergedredfish
2018-01-14prepare: patch cmake install path for libwallet apiredfish
2018-01-14regen .SRCINFOredfish
2018-01-14bump to
2018-01-14add aarch64redfish
2018-01-14remove patches: have been merged upstreamredfish
2018-01-14check: unit tests now need a data dirredfish
2018-01-14check: core_tests have been renamedredfish
2018-01-14deps: add qt5-tools needed for tranlation stuffredfish
2017-10-16merge pull requests that fix the buildredfish
2017-10-16option for building against OpenSSL v1.0redfish
2017-10-07check: avoid building tests when --nocheckredfish
2017-10-07use $_builddir var everywhereredfish
2017-10-07tests: serialization tests have been fixed upstreamredfish
2017-10-07tests: add issue number for DNS test failureredfish
2017-09-26install: package rename completed, remove noticeredfish
2017-09-24add release packages to conflicts arrayredfish
2017-09-24regen .SRCINFOredfish
2017-09-25deps: zeromqredfish
2017-09-24switch back to ld, bug in ld is fixed nowredfish
2017-09-24complete rebranding from bitmonero to moneroredfish
2017-09-09use service and config files from upstreamredfish
2017-09-09pkgver: don't rely on tagsredfish
2017-09-07bump to
2017-09-07regen srcinfo after (partial) renameredfish
2017-08-20rename from bitmonero to moneroredfish
2017-08-20rename from bitmonero to moneroredfish
2017-08-20regen srcinforedfish
2017-08-20check: exclude failing testsredfish
2017-08-20description: clarify and shortenredfish
2017-08-20deps: add readlineredfish
2017-04-23bump to
2017-01-18bump version to 0.10.1Onishin
2016-09-20bump version to 0.10.0redfish
2016-09-18libwallet: exclude bin/ folder from installationredfish