AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-10release: v0.8.2Thomas Venriès
2017-11-05release: v0.8.1Thomas Venriès
2017-11-05v0.8.0-3: Update submodule sourceThomas Venriès
2017-11-05v0.8.0-2: Fix new submodule nameThomas Venriès
2017-10-30release: Add v0.8.0Thomas Venriès
2017-10-22release: Add v0.7.3Thomas Venriès
2017-10-22release: Add v0.7.2Thomas Venriès
2017-10-13v0.7.1: Fix cycle mode and archive nameThomas Venriès
2017-10-13v7.0.0-3: Fix cycle modeThomas Venriès
2017-10-09pkg: Update srcinfoThomas Venriès
2017-10-09pkg: Fix manpage generationThomas Venriès
2017-10-09release: Add v0.7.0Thomas Venriès
2017-09-04release: Add v0.6.2Thomas Venries
2017-07-15release: Add v0.6.1.Thomas Venries
2017-06-14v0.6.0: Daemon mode option.Thomas Venries
2017-06-05v0.5.2: Fix syntax error.Thomas Venries
2017-06-01pkg: Fixed sources.Thomas Venries
2017-06-01pkg: Fixed sha1sum.Thomas Venries
2017-05-30v0.5.1: Fix wrong display of plugged-in monitor listThomas Venries
2017-03-22Updated pkgdesc.Thomas Venries
2017-03-18Added release v0.5.Thomas Venries
2017-02-04pkg: Fixed help2man cliThomas Venries
2017-01-30Add release v0.3: Fix: 2-mons selection (-S opt)Thomas Venries
2017-01-26Add release v0.2Thomas Venries
2017-01-23Fix -S select option (v0.1-2)Thomas Venries
2017-01-20Add release v0.1Thomas Venries