AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-05-27Update to version 2.4.10Iwan Timmer
2018-09-13Remove unused VDPAU patchIwan Timmer
2018-09-13Merge remote-tracking branch 'alarmpi/master'Iwan Timmer
2018-08-11Update to version 2.4.7Iwan Timmer
2018-08-11Update to version 2.4.7Iwan Timmer
2018-01-14Merge remote-tracking branch 'alarmpi/master'Iwan Timmer
2018-01-14Update to version 2.4.6Iwan Timmer
2017-11-04Provide patch for VDPAU issueIwan Timmer
2017-11-03Update to version 2.4.4Iwan Timmer
2017-08-16Update to version 2.4.3Iwan Timmer
2017-07-02Update to version 2.4.2Iwan Timmer
2017-06-19Update to version 2.4.1Iwan Timmer
2017-06-11Update to version 2.4.0Iwan Timmer
2017-03-18Update to version 2.3.0Iwan Timmer
2016-12-27Update to version 2.2.3Iwan Timmer
2016-10-06Update to version 2.2.2Iwan Timmer
2016-05-17Update to version 2.2.1Iwan Timmer
2016-04-05Add missing enet dependencyIwan Timmer
2016-04-03Update to version 2.2.0Iwan Timmer
2016-03-01Update to version 2.1.4Iwan Timmer
2016-02-19Update to version 2.1.3Iwan Timmer
2015-11-24Fix /usr/lib64 errorIwan Timmer
2015-11-24Add support for x86Iwan Timmer
2015-11-24Update to version 2.1.2Iwan Timmer
2015-08-15Update to version 2.1.1Iwan Timmer
2015-07-07Update to version 2.0.2Iwan Timmer
2015-06-20Update to version 2.0.1Iwan Timmer
2015-06-12Initial commit of Moonlight EmbeddedIwan Timmer