AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-17restructure paragraphsXZS
2016-10-31model compatibility by defaultXZS
2016-10-31propagate upstream updateXZS
2016-09-22support arbitrary integrity checksXZS
2016-05-11follow project renameXZS
2016-05-11remove duplicate relationsXZS
2016-05-11remove nonexistent package relationsXZS
2016-04-22also move down hidden filesXZS
2016-04-22exclude hidden filed in subdirectoriesXZS
2016-04-20leave git directory beXZS
2016-04-20omit hidden filesXZS
2016-04-14clean duplicate newlineXZS
2016-03-23remove mksrcinfo headerXZS
2016-03-05run pkgver() in srcdirXZS
2016-02-07version provided non-git variantXZS
2016-01-08switch back to original sourceXZS
2015-12-06add mksrcinfo headerXZS
2015-10-15externalize compatible version queryXZS
2015-09-29switch to fork to restore Firefox compatibilityXZS
2015-07-30intital import from old AUR version 3XZS