AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-21use internal freeglut, misc cleanupGaetan Bisson
2019-12-21Merge branch 'master' of ssh://aur/mupdf-gitGaetan Bisson
2019-12-21buildGaetan Bisson
2019-10-30upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2019-10-30Merge branch 'master' of ssh://aur/mupdf-gitGaetan Bisson
2019-10-30add mupdf-gl and mupdf-tools to provides/conflictsGaetan Bisson
2018-12-02upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2018-05-02update urlGaetan Bisson
2018-05-02enable USE_SYSTEM_LIBS and switch to upstream's lcms2Gaetan Bisson
2017-12-13upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2017-11-08upstream update, glfw dropped, back to freeglutGaetan Bisson
2017-10-25update patch, use mupdf-gl (it's the future)Gaetan Bisson
2017-09-12update patchGaetan Bisson
2017-07-21upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2017-06-22upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2017-04-21upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2017-03-25switch to sha256sumGaetan Bisson
2017-01-25upstream update, fix submodule urlGaetan Bisson
2016-11-15upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2016-10-05upstream update, switch to system openjpeg2Gaetan Bisson
2016-07-09reduce package size: no CJK font, no static libGaetan Bisson
2016-06-30use saner makeflagsGaetan Bisson
2016-04-21upstream update, install one binary, add curl depGaetan Bisson
2016-01-07upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2015-06-08initial commitGaetan Bisson