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29 hoursfurther reduce embedded fontsGaetan Bisson
Reduce the embedded set of fonts to just: - the Base14 fonts (required by PDF spec) - Charis SIL (for good-looking epub docs) For details, see: source/fitz/noto.c
33 hoursslight simplifications to the build processGaetan Bisson
2022-03-01Merge branch 'master' of ssh://aur/mupdf-gitGaetan Bisson
2022-03-01free buildGaetan Bisson
2022-01-24use system mujs, upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2021-08-03extract is now non-optionalGaetan Bisson
2021-06-03Merge branch 'master' of ssh://aur/mupdf-gitGaetan Bisson
2021-06-03Merge branch 'master' of ssh://aur/mupdf-gitGaetan Bisson
2021-03-24update arches, free rebuildGaetan Bisson
2021-03-04free buildGaetan Bisson
2021-01-07remove memento hack - fixed upstreamGaetan Bisson
2020-11-17fix buildGaetan Bisson
2020-07-18upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2020-05-21use internal freeglut, misc cleanupGaetan Bisson
2019-12-21Merge branch 'master' of ssh://aur/mupdf-gitGaetan Bisson
2019-12-21buildGaetan Bisson
2019-10-30upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2019-10-30Merge branch 'master' of ssh://aur/mupdf-gitGaetan Bisson
2019-10-30add mupdf-gl and mupdf-tools to provides/conflictsGaetan Bisson
2018-12-02upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2018-05-02update urlGaetan Bisson
2018-05-02enable USE_SYSTEM_LIBS and switch to upstream's lcms2Gaetan Bisson
2017-12-13upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2017-11-08upstream update, glfw dropped, back to freeglutGaetan Bisson
2017-10-25update patch, use mupdf-gl (it's the future)Gaetan Bisson
2017-09-12update patchGaetan Bisson
2017-07-21upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2017-06-22upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2017-04-21upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2017-03-25switch to sha256sumGaetan Bisson
2017-01-25upstream update, fix submodule urlGaetan Bisson
2016-11-15upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2016-10-05upstream update, switch to system openjpeg2Gaetan Bisson
2016-07-09reduce package size: no CJK font, no static libGaetan Bisson
For a while the ever-increasing size of this package has been a real annoyance to me. It's a direct consequence of upstream's static-linking policy: common code and fonts are embedded into each individual binary. Ideally they would be built into a shared library which individual binaries would link against. However that's not trivial to achieve in our modest PKGBUILD. So in the meantime I tried to keep the package size under control with two slightly controversial tweaks: - static libraries are no longer provided - CJK fonts are no longer embedded I believe this keeps this package fit for nearly everyone's purpose and it brings its size down from 176 MB to 44 MB. Feel free to voice any concerns you might have, together with suggestions on alternative ways to keep this package manageable. Cheers.
2016-06-30use saner makeflagsGaetan Bisson
2016-04-21upstream update, install one binary, add curl depGaetan Bisson
2016-01-07upstream updateGaetan Bisson
2015-06-08initial commitGaetan Bisson