AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-12-27Fixed dependencies and bumped versionJames Bunton
2022-03-14v32James Bunton
2021-04-10mythbackend.service depends on systemd-udev-settleJames Bunton
2021-02-26Bump versionJames Bunton
2020-10-30Properly conflict with mythtvJames Bunton
2020-10-30Track the MythTV fixes/31 branchJames Bunton
2020-06-11add patch by bigcajun826 to fix issues with the Qt 5.15 updateTaijian
2020-04-07add AUR/xmltv to optdependsTaijian
2020-03-28updated checksums because they silently changed upstream again... grrrrrrTaijian
2020-03-24initial update to v31Taijian
2020-02-12incorporate proposed fix for 'white box problem'Taijian
2019-05-25fix build issues with exiv2 21.0Taijian
2019-04-16add some new patches queued for 30.1Taijian
2019-02-04Ooops, libhdhomerun cannot be just a make-depend...Taijian
2019-01-17moved libxnvctrl from make- to runtime-dependencyTaijian
2019-01-17I HATE silent changes to the upstream package that change checksums...Taijian
2019-01-17some fine-tuning for changes in v30Taijian
2019-01-16upgrade to v30.0Taijian
2018-08-24incorporate changes due to removal of libx264, add new patch fileTaijian
2018-07-24move mysql-python from make- to depends, because it is also a runtime-opt-dep...Taijian
2018-05-23update checksumTaijian
2018-05-09update patch to bring it in line with upstream solutionTaijian
2018-05-03patch to work around a bug with freetype2 v2.9.1+Taijian
2018-04-20update for wrong checksumTaijian
2018-04-20switch to sysusers.d file in place of install file for user managementTaijian
2018-02-28update checksumTaijian
2018-02-08fixes make matadata-lookup work againTaijian
2018-02-08add database opt-depends & clarify python2-dependsTaijian
2018-02-01update to v29.1 & trial with making AUR dependencies optionalTaijian
2018-01-17add additional opt-depends for metadata lookup & cover art supportTaijian
2018-01-14clean up dependencies and add x265 supportTaijian
2018-01-12clean up patches implemented upstreamTaijian
2018-01-07Import from official repositoriesBartłomiej Piotrowski