AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysUpdate to 2.12.0Iain Earl
2020-09-02Update to 2.10.0Iain Earl
2020-08-24Update to 2.9.0Iain Earl
2020-08-17Update to 2.8.0Iain Earl
2020-08-03Update to 2.7.1Iain Earl
2020-06-05Update to 2.7.0Iain Earl
2020-04-29Update to 2.6.1Iain Earl
2020-04-14Update to 2.5.1Iain Earl
2020-04-11Update to 2.5.0Iain Earl
2020-03-24Update to 2.4.1Iain Earl
2020-03-23Update to 2.3.1Iain Earl
2020-03-22Add Wallace as a maintainerIain Earl
2020-03-20Update to 2.3.0Iain Earl
2020-03-19Update to 2.2.0Iain Earl
2020-03-16Update to 2.1.3 - archive renamedIain Earl
2020-03-16Upgrade to 2.1.1Iain Earl
2020-03-15Update for 2.1.0Iain Earl
2020-03-13Update for 2.0.11Iain Earl
2020-03-12Update for 2.0.8Iain Earl
2020-03-12Update for 2.0.6Iain Earl
2020-03-12Update for 2.0.5Iain Earl
2020-03-12Intial files for navi 2.0.4Iain Earl