AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-03-22added srcinfoArtem Mateush
2017-03-22Update PKGBUILDArtem Mateush
version 0.5: fixed ca-certificates-mozilla breakage, restructured the file with comments, added domain validation, modified umu accordingly UMU
2017-03-22update UMU for consistency. I cannot test itArtem Mateush
2017-03-22show examples for EAP mechanismsMantas Mikulėnas
2017-03-22put client identity parameters close togetherMantas Mikulėnas
2017-03-22validate certificate CN/SANMantas Mikulėnas
2017-03-22only use the generated bundle, not p11kit-specific source filesMantas Mikulėnas
The files in /usr/share/ca-certificates are subject to change.
2015-09-30forgot to include source for eduroam-umuJörg Thalheim
2015-09-30example for umuJörg Thalheim
2015-06-11initial importJörg Thalheim