AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-11-13update to 0.3.0Carlos Galindo
2021-09-17update to 0.2.4Carlos Galindo
2021-09-10update to 0.2.3Carlos Galindo
2021-09-03change build process to match best practices (see wiki)Carlos Galindo
2021-08-20update to 0.2.2Carlos Galindo
2021-06-24update to 0.2.1Carlos Galindo
2021-06-18update to 0.2.0Carlos Galindo
2021-04-13update to 0.1.7Carlos Galindo
2021-03-09update to 0.1.6Carlos Galindo
2021-02-26tweak install messageCarlos Galindo
2021-02-26listen on localhost by defaultCarlos Galindo
2021-02-26update to 0.1.5Carlos Galindo
2021-02-25update to 0.1.4Carlos Galindo
2021-02-23now should be valid for any architectureCarlos Galindo
2021-02-23improve package() by using .nextcloudignoreCarlos Galindo
2021-02-23add warning on upgradeCarlos Galindo
2021-02-23update to 0.1.3Carlos Galindo
2021-02-23initial commit, 0.1.2Carlos Galindo