AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-12-30update to 1.1.4Lukas1818
2021-03-03set browser dependency automaticallyLukas1818
meta packages were removed from AUR
2021-02-25update to 1.1.3Lukas1818
2021-01-04fix quoteLukas1818
2021-01-04fix second buildLukas1818
2021-01-04fix source file extensionLukas1818
2021-01-04update to 1.1.1; change source to git repoLukas1818
2020-11-02use prepare() instead of build(); change source anmeLukas1818
2020-11-02update to 1.0.3Lukas1818
2020-10-24correct phyton package nameLukas1818
correct spelling
2020-10-24init repoLukas1818