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2020-02-13update by lilaclilac
2019-12-25update by lilaclilac
2019-11-09update by lilaclilac
2019-09-28update by lilaclilac
2019-07-20update by lilaclilac
2019-06-28update by lilaclilac
2019-02-22update by lilaclilac
2019-01-23update by lilaclilac
2018-12-16update by lilaclilac
2018-11-10update by lilaclilac
2018-09-20update by lilaclilac
2018-09-07update by lilaclilac
2018-08-31update by lilaclilac
2018-08-30update by lilaclilac
2018-08-02update by lilaclilac
2018-05-24Bump to 2.7.0Chih-Hsuan Yen
2018-04-01add a workaround for npm's permission bugChih-Hsuan Yen
2018-03-31Bump to 2.6.0Chih-Hsuan Yen
2018-03-15Bump to 2.5.0Chih-Hsuan Yen
2018-02-02Bump to 2.4.0Chih-Hsuan Yen
2018-01-25enable build of native extensionsYen Chi Hsuan
2018-01-24Bump to 2.3.2Yen Chi Hsuan
2018-01-10 Bump to 2.3.1Yen Chi Hsuan
2018-01-09 Bump to 2.3.0Yen Chi Hsuan
2018-01-05 move back to npm as yarn runs forever in chrootsYen Chi Hsuan
2017-11-11 Switched to yarn as npm is brokenYen Chi Hsuan
2017-10-15 Bump to 2.2.2Yen Chi Hsuan
2017-10-13 Bump to 2.2.0Yen Chi Hsuan
2017-10-08 Use MPL2 from core/licensesYen Chi Hsuan
2017-08-03 Bump to 2.0.0Yen Chi Hsuan
2017-07-13 Bump to 1.10.1Yen Chi Hsuan
2017-06-25 Bump to 1.10.0Yen Chi Hsuan
2017-05-04 Bump to 1.9.1Yen Chi Hsuan
2017-04-20 Bump to 1.9.0Yen Chi Hsuan
2017-02-10 Bump to 1.8.1Yen Chi Hsuan
2017-02-03 Bump to 1.8.0Yen Chi Hsuan
2017-01-04 Bump to 1.7.0Yen Chi Hsuan
2016-10-22 Bump to 1.6.0Yen Chi Hsuan
2016-10-09 Bump to 1.5.0Yen Chi Hsuan
2016-08-05 Bump to 1.4.0Yen Chi Hsuan
2016-07-21 Bump to 1.3.0Yen Chi Hsuan
2016-07-16 New packageYen Chi Hsuan