AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysbump pkgver (no actual package changes but chksum was out of date)Joel Shapiro
2019-09-09nothing that will get shipped with arch got updated, but version was bumped f...Joel Shapiro
2019-09-05Merge pull request #3 from kiendang/update-3.1.2Joel Shapiro
2019-08-263.1.2Kien Dang
2019-07-283.1.0Kien Dang
2019-05-15Merge pull request #2 from kiendang/docker-18.09.6Joel Shapiro
2019-05-14Update to docker 18.09.6kiendang
2019-03-20Update .gitignorekiendang
2019-03-20Add version to 'provides'kiendang
2019-03-20Reformat maintainerkiendang
2019-03-20pkgbuild cleanup, license corrected to be bsdJoel Shapiro
2019-03-20First commitkiendang