AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-09-19update to driver version 396.54.06Jason Stryker
2018-09-10update to driver version 396.54.05Jason Stryker
2018-08-31update to driver version 396.54.02Jason Stryker
2018-08-17update pkgbuild for kernel 4.18Jason Stryker
2018-08-07update to driver version 396.51.02Jason Stryker
2018-08-05fix extramodules for linux version 4.17.11Jason Stryker
2018-07-12update to driver version 396.24.10Jason Stryker
2018-07-10correct provides= for nvidia-utils and opencl-nvidiaJason Stryker
2018-07-09add nvidia-settings back to nvidia-vulkan-utilsJason Stryker
2018-07-09fix provides=Jason Stryker
2018-07-09major rewrite based on official Arch PKGBUILDsJason Stryker
2018-06-22fix srcinfoJason Stryker
2018-06-22clarify driver branchJason Stryker
2018-06-22add to aurJason Stryker