AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-12-06Upgrade to v0.39.7Tom Wadley
2023-12-06Revert "Upgrade to v0.39.6"Tom Wadley
2023-12-05Upgrade to v0.39.6Tom Wadley
2023-08-22Upgrade to v0.39.5Tom Wadley
2023-07-25Upgrade to v0.39.4Tom Wadley
2022-12-24Upgrade to v0.39.3Tom Wadley
2022-10-14Upgrade to v0.39.2Tom Wadley
2021-12-17Upgrade to v0.39.1Tom Wadley
2021-10-07Upgrade to v0.39.0Tom Wadley
2021-04-18Switch from zip to tarball to workaround locale issuesTom Wadley
2021-03-29Upgrade to v0.38.0Tom Wadley
2020-11-28Upgrade to v0.37.2Tom Wadley
2020-11-25Upgrade to v0.37.1Tom Wadley
2020-11-06Upgrade to v0.37.0Tom Wadley
2020-09-25Fix and .gitignore to allow for uncompressed packages from makepkgTom Wadley
2020-09-25Upgrade to v0.36.0Tom Wadley
2020-03-20Upgrade to v0.35.3Tom Wadley
2019-12-21Upgrade to v0.35.2Tom Wadley
2019-10-03Upgrade to v0.35.0Tom Wadley
2019-09-22Reflect new upstream locationTom Wadley
2019-03-25Use unique filename for downloaded source to support custom SRCDESTTom Wadley
2019-02-07Create symlink under NVM_DIR for third party scripts that expect it to...Tom Wadley
2019-01-08Upgrade to v0.34.0Tom Wadley
2018-04-25Upgrade to v0.33.11Tom Wadley
2018-04-21Switch to sha256sumsTom Wadley
2018-04-15Upgrade to v0.33.9Tom Wadley
2017-12-12Upgrade to v0.33.8Tom Wadley
2017-12-12Script to automate some of the package upgrade processTom Wadley
2017-12-10Upgrade to v0.33.7Tom Wadley
2017-10-24Upgrade to v0.33.6Tom Wadley
2017-09-29Upgrade to v0.33.5Tom Wadley
2017-09-05Upgrade to v0.33.4Tom Wadley
2017-04-27Upgrade to v0.33.2Tom Wadley
2017-02-26Upgrade to v0.33.1Tom Wadley
2017-01-02Upgrade to v0.33.0Tom Wadley
2016-10-30Upgrade to v0.32.1Tom Wadley
2016-09-16Upgrade to v0.32.0Tom Wadley
2016-09-04Upgrade to v0.31.7Tom Wadley
2016-08-28Convenience script: only set NVM_DIR if not already setTom Wadley
2016-08-23Upgrade to v0.31.6Tom Wadley
2016-08-23Upgrade to v0.31.5Tom Wadley
2016-07-30Upgrade to v0.31.4Tom Wadley
2016-07-20Upgrade to v0.31.3Tom Wadley
2016-06-25Upgrade to v0.31.2Tom Wadley
2016-06-25Suggest .zshrc instead of .zprofileTom Wadley
2016-05-13Fix pkgrel inconsistencyTom Wadley
2016-05-13Upgrade to v0.31.1Tom Wadley
2016-03-11Fix 'nvm exec' command by having create a script in NVM_DIR which...Tom Wadley
2016-02-15Upgrade to v0.31.0Tom Wadley
2016-01-21Upgrade to v0.30.2Tom Wadley