AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysUpdate to v2.0.2Brodi
7 daysUpdate to v2.0.1Brodi
2021-03-28wrong md5sum fixBrodi
2021-03-09Update to v1.4.1Brodi
2021-02-26Update to v1.4.0Brodi
2021-02-07Update to v1.3.0Brodi
2021-01-25Update to v1.2.2Brodi
2021-01-17Update to v1.2.1Brodi
2021-01-16Update to v1.2.0Brodi
2021-01-14fixed wrong source URL in v1.1.4-1Brodi
2021-01-14Update to v1.1.4Brodi
2021-01-07fixed obs-studio dependency version checkBrodi
2021-01-07Updated PKGBUILDBrodi
2021-01-07Initial commitBrodi