AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-04Rebuild package for OCaml 5.2Célestin Matte
2023-10-17Update dependencies and architectureCélestin Matte
2023-09-13Fix archive URLCélestin Matte
2023-09-13Upgrade to 1.0.11Célestin Matte
2022-06-01Compile fail fix: --libdir behaviour changed in dune 3.2.0, it must now be an...Célestin Matte
2022-02-09Upgrade to 1.0.10, move to new repository on githubCélestin Matte
2018-11-26Upgraded to new release of the curses-package: 1.0.4.Oliver Bandel
2015-08-09Initial commit.Oliver Bandel