AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-11-10Update ocaml-zed to 3.2.1Daniel Peukert
2022-08-10ocaml 4.14.0 bumpDaniel Peukert
2022-07-16Update ocaml-zed to 3.2.0Daniel Peukert
2022-06-14Fix dun calls, sha256 -> sha512Daniel Peukert
2021-07-31ocaml 4.12.0 bumpDaniel Peukert
2020-08-30ocaml 4.11.0 bumpDaniel Peukert
2020-05-31Updated ocaml-zed to 3.1.0Daniel Peukert
2020-05-30Patched ocaml-zed to include Set_pos and Insert_strDaniel Peukert
2020-05-18ocaml 4.10.0 bumpDaniel Peukert
2020-04-28Updated ocaml-zed to 3.0.1Daniel Peukert
2020-04-26Updated ocaml-zed to 3.0.0Daniel Peukert
2020-04-10Added ocaml-utop & dependenciesDaniel Peukert
2020-01-31ocaml-zed 2.0.5-1: Update to new versionJakob Gahde
2019-09-11ocaml-zed 2.0.3-1: Update to new versionJakob Gahde
2018-05-18ocaml-zed 1.6-1: New versionJakob Gahde
2017-07-16ocaml-zed 1.4-1: PKGBUILD formatting tweaksJakob Gahde
2015-06-10Update to 1.4.wenLiangcan
2015-06-10ocaml-zed 1.3-1.wenLiangcan