AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-18update maintainer listT.J. Townsend
2022-12-01update to 7.2T.J. Townsend
2022-09-11update maintainer emailT.J. Townsend
2022-08-21Add aarch64 support.Tobias Heider
2022-07-30better follow cmake guidelinesT.J. Townsend
2022-07-05silence insecure RPATH warningsT.J. Townsend
2022-07-05update maintainer linesT.J. Townsend
2022-07-05OpenIKED 7.1T.J. Townsend
2021-11-04OpenIKED 7.0Tobias Heider
2021-05-19Switch to official mirror, add signature verification.Tobias Heider
2021-04-28Add conflicts for iked and ikectl.Tobias Heider
2021-04-28Initial import of openiked 6.9.0Tobias Heider