AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-07-13v4.7.19Josh Gwosdz
2021-07-02v4.7.18Josh Gwosdz
2021-05-26v4.7.11Josh Gwosdz
2021-05-15fix .PHONY for install targeterdii
Signed-off-by: erdii <>
Signed-off-by: erdii <>
2021-05-15move /usr/local/bin/oc to /usr/bin/ocerdii
Thanks @twelveeighty for pointing out the arch package etiquette [1][2] and that /usr/local/* should not be used. [1] [2] Signed-off-by: erdii <>
2021-04-29v4.7.8Josh Gwosdz
2021-04-29v4.7.7Josh Gwosdz
2021-04-19v4.7.6Josh Gwosdz
2021-04-08v4.7.5Josh Gwosdz
2021-04-08v4.7.4Josh Gwosdz
2021-03-30v4.7.3Josh Gwosdz
2021-03-27simplify makefile for dev workflowJosh Gwosdz
2021-03-25bump pkgrel and update srcinfoJosh Gwosdz
2021-03-25make donwloaded source filename uniqueJosh Gwosdz
due to,with%20the%20syntax%20source%3D('unique_package_name%3A%3Afile_uri')%3B%20e.g.%20source%3D(
2021-03-25v4.7.2Josh Gwosdz
2021-03-25make all will now redownload the tarball, update the checksum and rebuild ↵Josh Gwosdz
2021-03-16v4.7.1Josh Gwosdz
2021-03-04bump to 4.7.0Josh Gwosdz
2021-02-23Merge branch 'master' of Gwosdz
2021-02-23update package checksumJosh Gwosdz
2021-02-23update package checksumJosh Gwosdz
2021-02-19add make helper for me to compare PKGBUILD version against latest version in ↵Josh Gwosdz
2021-02-19initialize with 4.6.17Josh Gwosdz