AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-04-25Upstream released 3.3.22.James P. Harvey
2018-10-17Added docs to installation. Corrected custom license name to BSD.James P. Harvey
2018-10-16Added forgotten comment to opensm.launch. No pkgrel bump necessary.James P. Harvey
2018-10-16Depend on rdma-core instead of libibumad and rdma. Modernized PKGBUILD. ↵James P. Harvey
Added some comments to opensm.{launch,service}
2018-10-13Upstream moved, and released 3.3.21.James P. Harvey
2016-07-14Upstream released 3.3.20James Harvey
2016-06-07PKGBUILD url is no longer an array.James Harvey
2015-08-04Moved systemd .service file from /etc to /usr. Although they both work, ↵James Harvey
it's the proper location for a package to install in. Also removed pkgdir/etc/ if it's empty, which it should be, since pkgdir/etc/init.d/ was removed.
2015-07-17Timing bug workaround that intermittently causes a signal 15 failure on ↵James Harvey
opensm daemon starting
2015-07-17Initial importJames Harvey