AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-03update to 1.6.5 once againRasmus Moorats
2024-04-03also update .SRCINFORasmus Moorats
2024-04-03add temporary 1.6.5-2 package that is actually 1.6.4Rasmus Moorats
2024-02-13update to 1.6.5Rasmus Moorats
2023-11-20update to 1.6.4Rasmus Moorats
2023-08-17update to 1.6.3Rasmus Moorats
2023-08-16update to 1.6.2Rasmus Moorats
2023-08-16update to 1.6.2Rasmus Moorats
2023-07-31update to 1.6.1Rasmus Moorats
2023-07-07add check() that checks for required elf sectionsRasmus Moorats
2023-06-26bump to 1.6.0Rasmus Moorats
2023-06-12remove unrequired rsync makedepRasmus Moorats
2023-06-12bump opensnitch to 1.5.9, refactor build procedureRasmus Moorats
2023-06-12remove unnecessary depends and conflictsRasmus Moorats
2023-02-13bump opensnitch to 1.5.7Rasmus Moorats
2023-02-06add old package as conflictRasmus Moorats
2023-02-06remove erroneous conflictRasmus Moorats
2023-02-06update pkgbase/pkgnameRasmus Moorats
2023-02-06force merge old and new packagesRasmus Moorats
2023-02-06bump opensnitch to 1.5.5Rasmus Moorats
2023-01-24bump opensnitch to 1.5.3Rasmus Moorats
2022-12-19bump kernel to 6.0.14Rasmus Moorats
2022-12-16bump kernel to 6.0.13Rasmus Moorats
2022-12-09bump kernel to 6.0.12Rasmus Moorats
2022-12-04update .SRCINFORasmus Moorats
2022-12-04bump kernel to 6.0.11Rasmus Moorats
2022-11-28bump kernel to 6.0.10Rasmus Moorats
2022-11-19bump kernel to 6.0.9Rasmus Moorats
2022-11-18use for kernel sourcesRasmus Moorats
2022-11-17target opensnitch*.{o,c}Rasmus Moorats
2022-11-16remove unnecessary git dependencyRasmus Moorats
2022-11-15initial commitRasmus Moorats
2021-11-251.4.3: bump3x071c
2021-11-051.4.2: bump3x071c
2021-10-011.4.1: bump3x071c
2021-09-211.4.0: initial commit3x071c