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2018-10-08Updated to current upstream versionBjörn Wiedenmann
This update effectively turns this package into a non-git package, however, I am hoping that is only a temporary band aid. I reached out to upstream in order to help me sort out the master branch.
2018-05-12Updated .SRCINFOBjörn Wiedenmann
2018-05-12Updated project URLBjörn Wiedenmann
2017-10-21Updated to new upstream versionBjörn Wiedenmann
2017-06-10Forced building against openssl-1.0Björn Wiedenmann
I am not happy with the solution though as I haven't found a clean way of forcing openssh to build against a specific openssl version. I tried pkg-config, but either it doesn't work or I am doing it wrong. Now I am using a hack, where I am using prepare() to symlink the openssl-1.0 files into the build directory and pass them to the configure script via the --with-ssl-dir option. If anyone has a cleaner way of doing this, please feel free to share it. Any help is greatly appreciated. I also had a look at the openssl-1.1.0 patch the openssh package from the core repo is using: It does apply cleanly but it is not enough. I am afraid we will have to wait for upstream to get a proper openssl-1.1.0 patch.
2017-04-15Updated to new upstream versionBjörn Wiedenmann
2017-03-29Updated to new upstream versionBjörn Wiedenmann
2017-01-12Updated to new upstream versionBjörn Wiedenmann
2016-09-17Updated to new upstream versionBjörn Wiedenmann
2016-07-23Updated to new upstream versionBjörn Wiedenmann
2016-06-02Updated to new upstream version, fixing NONE cipher rekeying issueBjörn Wiedenmann
2016-05-26Added 'armv7h' to architecturesBjörn Wiedenmann
Works on Raspberry Pi 3 (and probably on Pi 2 as well, as the Pi 3 is actually using the Pi 2 image for now).
2016-05-26Removed linux-headers depBjörn Wiedenmann
Seems to depend on "linux-api-headers", rather than "linux-headers". The former is installed as a dep to glibc (a base group package) and as such not explicitly listed as a make dep for now.
2016-05-25Updated package to reflect current upstream stateHelix
Please note, there seems to be a problem with unencrypted transfers >1GB which is still under investigation upstream, see:
2016-01-27Updated package to reflect current upstream stateBjörn Wiedenmann
The upstream maintainers fixed some style issues in their HPN code and also synced their code with the current version of openssh-portable.
2015-12-07Updated package dependencies after namcap runBjörn Wiedenmann
1. PAM was added as a hard dependency 2. openbsd-netcat was removed, as the package built just fine without ANY netcat version installed. Let me know if I am wrong after all. 3. GDB was removed as the PKGBUILD does not use a check() function
2015-12-06Updated .SRCINFO as wellBjörn Wiedenmann
2015-12-06Updated package to latest upstream versionBjörn Wiedenmann
The function pkgver() depends on the upstream tags. The way this function was originally implemented seems unable to create strictly monotonous version numbers because the revision is not properly increased. Whether a version is higher or lower depends solely on the commit hash which is somewhat random. I suspect part of the problem might also be the way the project is tagged upstream, possibly overwriting tags. Making the function use only annotated tags seems to fix the issue for now, but I will re-visit this later, especially since openssh-git is using the same method for deriving a version number.
2015-12-06Cleaned up line endings of PKGBUILDBjörn Wiedenmann
2015-12-06Excluded *.pkg.tar.xz files via .gitignoreBjörn Wiedenmann
2015-12-06Updated header, description; added install scriptBjörn Wiedenmann
1. Changed maintainer 2. Improved description 3. Added security disclaimer
2015-09-16PKGBUILDJonathan Yantis
2015-06-11Initial importJonathan Yantis