AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-27re-export GOPATH in each relevant functionJason Papakostas
2019-02-27upstream v1.0.0 releasedJason Papakostas
2018-10-15new version releasedSean Enck
2018-06-29switch to go-pieSean Enck
2018-05-31cleaning up pkgbuildSean Enck
2018-04-15include a minor patch for spaces (github issue #240)Sean Enck
2018-04-15new releaseSean Enck
2018-04-11utilize tmpfiles and sysusers and start using an 'oragono' system userSean Enck
2018-04-10future releases use goreleaser for multi arch, we just need linuxSean Enck
2018-04-10per update config, service, and...Sean Enck
2018-01-27glibc dependsSean Enck
2018-01-27wrong location for LICENSESean Enck
2018-01-27license informationSean Enck
2017-12-26updated versionSean Enck
2017-12-23change where the patch file isSean Enck
2017-11-14update versionSean Enck
2017-11-09update to 0.10.1Sean Enck
2017-10-23upgrade for v0.10.0Sean Enck
2017-09-280.9.1 releasedSean Enck
2017-09-25new versionSean Enck
2017-07-10aur for sighup oragono on rotateSean Enck
2017-07-10copytruncate the logfileSean Enck
2017-07-10restart after logrotateSean Enck
2017-07-10include create in rotateSean Enck
2017-07-10include a log-rotate for oragonoSean Enck
2017-06-29change how vendor packages sare retrievedSean Enck
2017-06-29change local oragono dependency to corresponding tagSean Enck
2017-06-26new release, lots of packaging cleanupSean Enck
2017-06-23initial revisionSean Enck