AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-29updated to version 1.14.2Luis Aranguren
2020-04-16updated to version 1.14.1Luis Aranguren
2019-11-20updated to version 1.14Luis Aranguren
2019-10-03updated to version 1.12.3Luis Aranguren
2019-07-29updated to version 1.12.2Luis Aranguren
2019-04-25updated to version 1.12, removed patch for error_Valid_CSRF_Token_RequiredLuis Aranguren
2019-01-27patch for error_Valid_CSRF_Token_RequiredLuis Aranguren
2019-01-27Revert "updated to version 1.11.0-rc1"Luis Aranguren
2019-01-27updated to version 1.11.0-rc1Luis Aranguren
2019-01-27updated .SRCINFOLuis Aranguren
2019-01-27Update package to version 1.10.4, moved to webapps, updated dependsLuis Aranguren
2017-04-28updated to version 1.10Sigmund Vestergaard
2016-07-01Update package to version 1.9.14Sigmund Vestergaard
2015-10-04Update package for version 1.9.12Sigmund
2015-08-10Updated package versionSigmund
2015-07-08Update the checksumsSigmund
2015-07-08Bumped the package to version 1.9.9Sigmund
2015-06-16First commitSigmund