AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-12-02Update to 1.200Matt Kline
Sorry for the delay, folks.
2017-10-19Update Github URLMatt Kline
Sorry folks, one really shouldn't do package maintenance after bedtime.
2017-10-19Fix issues caused by repo renameMatt Kline
That would explain the SHA change.
2017-10-19Update tarball sumMatt Kline
Odd - the SHA256 sums of the contained files are identical, but the tarball's sum changed. I wonder if Github changed a compression option or something.
2017-04-05Package release 4Matt Kline
- Remove install scripts in favor of pacman hooks. (These didn't exist last time this package was updated.) - Switch from MD5 to SHA256 for checksum.
2016-01-13Fix OFL-FAQ installMatt Kline
2016-01-13Bump SRCINFOMatt Kline
2016-01-13Tweak .install scriptMatt Kline
2015-12-18Initial packageMatt Kline