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2019-02-28Bump to 1.0.16Konstantin Shalygin
2019-02-07Asator reported about outdated sha256sumKonstantin Shalygin
2019-01-23Use usermode for properly vdsm console commands (like flush caches on migrati...Konstantin Shalygin
2019-01-23Bump to 1.0.15Konstantin Shalygin
2017-10-31Bump to 1.0.14Konstantin Shalygin
2017-08-24systemd: Add dependency on qemu-guest-agent serviceKonstantin Shalygin
2017-04-20Revert log file dir path.Konstantin Shalygin
2017-04-18Package improvements.Konstantin Shalygin
2017-01-28Bump to 1.0.13.Konstantin Shalygin
2017-01- Shalygin
2016-08-06Bump to Shalygin
2016-07-23Fixed a problem caused by renaming the package python-pep8 to python-pycodest...Konstantin Shalygin
2016-06-24Bump to Shalygin
2016-05-25bump to 1.0.12Konstantin Shalygin
2016-04-07bump to Shalygin
2016-02-02fix: install should not be an arrayKonstantin Shalygin
2015-12-21bump to Shalygin
2015-10-01bump to Shalygin
2015-08-08bump to 1.0.11Konstantin Shalygin
2015-06-08updated for aur4 compKonstantin Shalygin
2015-06-08Initial commitKonstantin Shalygin