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2013-09-14Update README.mdMilan Oberkirch
2013-06-21Made usage for explicit package-list more obvious #2.Milan Oberkirch
2013-06-21Closes #2 by adding '--pacman-arg'-option (takes one arg a time).Milan Oberkirch
2013-06-08Implenmentet some logging, argparse still missing.Milan Oberkirch
2013-06-06Li la logger.Milan Oberkirch
2013-06-05Fixes #1, the prefix-part (a new folder is created in any case now).Milan Oberkirch
2013-06-05Fixed 'python3'-alias.Milan Oberkirch
2013-06-05Set dependency 'python' to 'python3'.Milan Oberkirch
2013-06-05Merge branch 'master' of Oberkirch
2013-06-05Fixes #1Milan Oberkirch
2013-06-04Update README.mdMilan Oberkirch
2013-06-04Update PKGBUILDMilan Oberkirch
2013-06-04PKGBUILD fix.Milan Oberkirch
2013-06-04Added Usage-Hints.Milan Oberkirch
2013-06-04Update README.mdMilan Oberkirch
2013-06-04Added PKGBUILD.Milan Oberkirch
2013-06-04Well it's almost done on the first commit :)Milan Oberkirch
2013-06-03Initial commitMilan Oberkirch