AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-04Update to version 2.6Wolfgang Mader
2018-09-06Update to version 2.2.1, add paperless.install with install infosWolfgang Mader
2018-05-30Quote srcdir, pkdir and nicer source arrayWolfgang Mader
2018-05-29Backup configs, fix file permissionsWolfgang Mader
2018-05-28Add new dependencies for version 1.3: python-dateparser, python-pdftotextWolfgang Mader
2018-03-12Update to new version 1.3.0Wolfgang Mader
2018-01-27Use absolute path to python in systemd service filesWolfgang Mader
2018-01-27Fix typo in dependy array, againWolfgang Mader
2018-01-27Fix typo in dependy arrayWolfgang Mader
2018-01-27Add missing dependenciesWolfgang Mader
2018-01-24Use correct hashesWolfgang Mader
2018-01-24Hash-checks, execution user changeWolfgang Mader
2018-01-22Initally package version 1.1.0 of paperlessWolfgang Mader