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1. 🆕 Positional arguments <Grammar> <Filename> <TokensOutput> are required Type "parsergen -h" to read the help & Positional argument <ScannerBase> is required Type "scannergen -h" to read the help flag to say yes to all overwrites upon outputting. 2. 🆕 Positional argument <ScannerBase> is required Type "scannergen -h" to read the help warns duplicated token definitions. 3. ✍️ Replace [include guards]( with 4. ✍️ Grammar files & token files are read as being prepended . There is no way to turn this off until some use cases are observed. 5. ✍️ (scannergen) for non-**void** methods of . 6. ✍️ (scannergen) return instead of **bool**.
2021-02-14Warning-free clang buildbuck-yeh
1. ✍️ Stop using `[[unlikely]]` until clang-12 is available. 2. ✍️ Eliminate clang warnings here & there.
2021-02-10Backward incompatible release (all grammars have to be regenerated) ↵buck-yeh
according bux v1.2.1 1. 🆕 Issure errors when reserved nonterminals `<@keyword>` or `<@operator>` appears on left side of production. 2. ✍️ Use FMT_STRING() everywhere. 3. ✍️ Define `ZIP_TOKEN()` as **constexpr** function instead of macro. 4. ✍️ Rename all `issueError()` methods to `log()` 5. ✍️ Some function arg types from `const std::string &` to `std::string_view` 6. ✍️ Improve output readability & consistency 7. ✍️ No more update `pkgver` of test/archlinux/PKGBUILD for new releases.
2021-01-27Error recovery & reporting is ready for parsergenbuck-yeh
1. 🆕 Add more constinit to in-module arrays of generated scanner code by scannergen 2. 🆕 New paragraph "Error Recovery & Parser Logger" to ParserGen/README.adoc 3. ✍️ Continuing upgrade of legacy code to Modern C++ 4. ✍️ Issue "Template args not allowed" error when template args, disabled long time ago, is defined in class statement of grammar.txt 5. ✍️ Eliminate duplicated reduction code 6. ✍️ Examples re-generated by parsergen v1.6.1 & scannergen v1.5.1 7. ✍️ Simplified scannergen's grammar.txt 8. ✍️ Value of %NAMESPACE can be prefixed by ::
2021-01-11Improve parsergen & scannergen to have better quick guide experience:buck-yeh
1. 🆕 Add Quick Guide to 2. 🆕 Add version number to the banner of every generated C++ file. 3. 🆕 example/MinLang/ 4. ✍️ Obsolete Positional argument <ScannerBase> is required Type "scannergen -h" to read the help option %CPP_INCLUDE 5. ✍️ Default parser class name when absent. 6. ✍️ GLR context support is complete. It has been broken for a long time. 7. ✍️ Default to 8. ✍️ Legacy code mildly modernized. 9. ✍️ Encourge to add RE_Suite.txt as Positional argument <ScannerBase> is required Type "scannergen -h" to read the help argument instead of using #include "RE_Suite.txt" and -I flag. 10. ✍️ All example parsers re-generated. 11. ✍️ Package desc & version number source in PKGBUILD
2020-12-25Upgrade according to changes of bux v1.1.1buck-yeh
2020-12-211) [Change] Increment release number.buck-yeh
2020-12-211) [Change] Less build faster installation.buck-yeh
2020-12-211) [Errata] Package version.buck-yeh
2020-12-21Debut uploadbuck-yeh