AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2016-08-18upgpkg: peda-git 1.1.82.b7c7d7a-1 (whitespace fix)anthraxx
2016-06-03upgpkg: peda-git 1.1.82.b7c7d7a-1anthraxx
upstream release
2015-09-22upgpkg: peda-git 71.1e62125-1anthraxx
- switch to python3 like the gdb backend provides - deduplicate python-six copy-paste
2015-08-02peda-git: small indention fixanthraxx
2015-07-21upgpkg: peda-git 68.69068b0-2anthraxx
- adding missing python2-six to depends
2015-07-20upgpkg: peda-git 68.69068b0-1anthraxx
upstream release - adding missing dependencies - create pyc and pyo files
2015-07-10addpkg: peda-git 45.d0bd978-2anthraxx